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Common Purpose seeks a secret accord with illegality and Islam against Christianity? 

“Is the Met infiltrated by Islam?

Is this the same man? Lutfur Ali, employed by the London Met Police as a Community Assessor. As such, he can dismiss a police recruit at the first interview stage. Is he the same Lutfur Ali that worked for Tower Hamlets Council before losing his job because he was funnelling embezzled money to the extremist organisation the Islamic Forum of Europe. I sent in a Fredom of Information Request to the London Met, asking them if their Community Assessor Lutfur Ali was the same man as Tower Hamlets extremist Lutfur Ali. They replied and said they could neither "confirm or deny" it was the same man, but admitted they did employ a Lutfur Ali as a Community Assessor. The photo is the same man so the London Met is employing a known extremist to vet police recruits which is more than just a disgrace, it is a sign that Islam is now controlling our police.”
Paul Weston
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