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If it is safe then it is safe whatever the underlying medical issue is unless a rare Illness like Meningitis, says Dr Campbell in this gently eye rolling analysis 

Yet Whitty has not approved NHS prescription of this wonder cure for Corona viruses like Covid.

It cannot possibly be because it is very very cheap, easy to produce and out of patent, could it? Perish the thought !

Roger Wright-Morris.
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This is a vital revelation of medical/ Media/Political truths and untruths about Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine with or without additional medications.
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Coronavirus - UK snapshot - Herd immunity could now be our least bad option

Note: If things go on as they are with a constant locking down followed by relaxation followed by locking down we shall sooner or latter achieve herd immunity in spite of the government and the latter-day snake oil salesmen. Nor is an effective  vaccine the panacea  because it will not be anything like 100%.  Better to bite the bullet now and  have a managed move to herd immunity with the most vulnerable being shielded

There is a great  deal of  hypocrisy around the effects of the virus. Those who  engage in moral blackmail along the lines of "What if your father,/mother/children  died? or a smug general statement "every  l life  e is precious"   show a startling lack of concern for deaths from the ending of treatment for censer patients and other serious complaints  which either kill or leave patients in pain 

There is also something seriously wrong with the NHS. I  have been to a major London general hospital and a large stand alone clinic. in the past month In both cases there was an eerily small number of patients. despite a large number of staff being in attendance.  Even with social distancing of two metres they could have dealt with at least twice  the number of people  they were treating.  People are suffering quite necessarily from non-coronavirus  ailments.  RH 

Herd immunity could now be our least bad option

Thanks to Robert Henderson and the DT.
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The pandemic is OVER!
Dr Mike Yeadon / talkRADIO
This is a vital revelation of medical/ Media/Political truths and untruths about
Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine with or without additional medications.

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Mr Wamble Fumble re Covid
A summary based on a piece from

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The BBC’s self-appointed role as the Government’s Pravda slightly backfired this morning when Naga Munchetty interviewed the virologist Professor Jonathan Ball of the University of Nottingham at about half past eight. Her opening, loaded and leading, question was: “Can you explain why (her emphasis) it is important that face coverings are worn in particular environments such as shops and public transport?”
Ball obligingly explained the theory but went on… “the reality is that we know face coverings trap large droplets and therefore if somebody coughs or sneezes it will reduce the chances of them spreading those droplets but unfortunately when people go about their daily lives they often touch those masks; if they are infected they’ll contaminate their hands and they’ll go on to contaminate surfaces so” I think that it’s very important everybody understands that the evidence for mask wearing isn’t great but also it may come with hidden risks that they may help spread the virus."
As ever the Government trope that somehow scientific opinion is a unitary force was exposed once more as nonsense. So now we face 100 quid fines for wearing things that might, in one scientist’s view at least, actually have the potential to extend the virus’s reach.
What’s next then? Street corner marshalls accosting shoppers to inspect masks and how often they’ve been cleaned? Hazmat suits? Why not just dynamite every high street in the country to protect people from shops altogether?

Roger Wright-Morris 15 July 2020

Roger's Thoughts for the Day!
Wokeness and return to a proper sense of direction

“There is still good reason to think that things, from now on, will improve rather than turn even worse. Why? Because an institutionalised political camp plays the highly controversial heretics card only as a final attempt to maintain a grip they are already losing. By doing so they might indeed, temporarily, continue to control public discourse. In the long run, however, every attempt at ideological purity is destined to end in silliness and tribal nastiness.
As an outsider it can seem astonishing – given the absurdity of many moralist positions - that many of the moralists will still not see how far they are overshooting. However, overshoot tends to build up step-by-step making the absurdity far less obvious to insiders: “Just a tiny little bit further, what’s the fuss, don’t you care about these key issues!?”.
Numerous times in history both right-wingers and left-wingers have gone over the top. There is arguably a form of cruel poetic justice that the progressives (social liberals) are now, for the first time, doing precisely the same thing.
The genius of democracy is that the silent majority, typically much misunderstood by idealist moralists in all camps, is seeking moderation more than any variety of political excess. Over recent years these voters have, in ever greater numbers, spotted the progressive overshoot and reacted accordingly. The signs of the waning powers of today’s progressives are actually everywhere.”

Thanks to the author Mark Brolin 
EXTRACTS from his article in DT 6/7/20.

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Why so few DEATHS are solely CAUSED by COVID-19??

The failure of the Testing programme to date must not hinder the immediate release for this lockdown. The non cure is worse than the disease to the UK.
20Coronavirus%20Update%20%28KzTueP%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Daily%20Newsletter&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJtZWRzb2wxOTM3QG1lLmNvbSIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIksydlhBeSJ9">Dr. Andrew Saul and Sayer Ji discuss Vitamin C, Coronavirus, and Censorship
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