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Briefings for Freedom


A leading curator of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Keith Christiansen, was criticized for posting on Instagram a painting of Alexandre Lenoir saving France's monuments from the ravages of the French Revolution. Christiansen wrote:
"Alexandre Lenoir battling the revolutionary zealots bent on destroying the royal tombs in Saint Denis. How many great works of art have been lost to the desire to rid ourselves of a past of which we don't approve. And how grateful we are to people like Lenoir who realized that their value — both artistic and historical — extended beyond a defining moment of social and political upheaval and change".
Christiansen was criticizing the current removal and desecration of historic monuments. He could not have known that, a few weeks later, another French cathedral would be vandalized and an ancient organ, which had survived Lenoir's revolutionary zealots, destroyed by the blaze.

Roger Wright-Morris.

Priti deeply depressing

Having hitherto been presumed to be a muscular meritocrat, Priti Patel’s desire for discriminatory recruitment and promotion is deeply depressing.  
Patel still hasn't published the rape gangs report or stopped the flow of economic migrants across the Channel. They are claiming it's because they cannot get the French to take them back or stop letting them caste off on Lilos.

So what kind of British minister allows the French to determine our immigration policy, especially when these palsied ninnies have paid the French to do something about it? What a complete shower! 

Why does the public tolerate these intolerable twerps?

Retired English Lecturer

Whose the real enemy?

The real enemy may well be those who model Radical Uncertainty using "reasonable assumptions" when reason is irrelevant in matters where there is  radical uncertainty. See Mervyn King and John Kay's RADICAL UNCERTAINTY.
However in the Dolan Case [ ]  HM Government disclosures appear to reveal that Ministers like Boris and Hancock seem to have led the way when they developed their panic lockdown policies.
Following the SCIENCE was not a fact because the politicians led the panic charge. Hence these two are responsible for all that has transpired including the DEATH POLICY that tragically affected so many in Care Homes and set up what Dr R North calls *Reservoirs" of Covid-19 in Hospitals.
Does the open Community now need protection from the



Hong Kong - Why so silent??

From: Tony Woodcock & Norman Frodsham

This is what REALLY happened
yesterday in Hong Kong
Posted By: Avi Yemini May 28, 2020
Yesterday, a new wave of protests ignited on the streets of Hong Kong. These latest protests sparked by two laws China is trying to force on the city.
1. China wants to make it illegal to disrespect the mainland Chinese anthem in Hong Kong–stripping Hongkongers of their fundamental right to free speech.
2. Beijing also plans to impose ‘security legislation’ on Hong Kong, which would destroy the city’s last bit of autonomy.
To make matters worse, Police are using COVID-19 as an excuse to outlaw protesting. The truth is, Hong Kong has well and truly beat COVID-19 with a mere total of 1067 cases and only four deaths since the first case back in January.
They are now using their virus to take control of Hong Kong.
And no one was spared. Police went in guns blazing, firing rubber bullets and pepper spray—stopping, searching and arresting anybody and everybody, loading them onto busses and taking them away.
Many of the prisoners will disappear.
So help ensure their sacrifice in Hong Kong isn’t for nothing. Please share with the world what China is up to while the rest of us are busy combatting their virus.

´╗┐Has anyone heard a bat squeak of protest from Johnson or Raab about what is going on in Hong Kong, in violation of the "one country, two systems" treaty which still has thirty years to run?

Has there been any official support for American action on this? If not, what is the point of our govt?

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